SOFT RECEIVER 20/08/2012

The application to install a real IP receiver on your PC

The "Soft Receiver" software application makes it possible to install a real IP video receiver on your PC at home or in the office. The software integrates with Bpt's XIP system simply by connecting the PC to the network which controls the video entry system.

As well as adding all the classic functions of a video entry system in an intuitive and easily-comprehensible graphic interface, the Soft Receiver allows the user to select advanced functions such as audio/video intercom calls both to other Bpt Soft Receivers and to all X1 receivers (if the PC is fitted with a webcam), as well to control a list of unanswered calls, to enter frequently-used numbers and to perform a dynamic search of users and porter switchboards connected to the XIP system.
Another important function is the simultaneous use of two audio/video lines: for example, during the course of a call on one line, it is possible to receive another call from a second line; the user can put the first caller on hold and answer the second call, and then hang up and return to the first caller.
It is also possible to transfer a call (audio/video) to another receiver.
Operation of the Soft Receiver requires the installation of the ETI/SER XIP system server which handles registration based on a user license.
N.B.   The software can be installed only on terminals running the Windows operating system
System requirements: XP/VISTA/WIN7