Colour touch-screen video entry system


MITHO is an innovative video receiver with a colour touchscreen which offers a host of hi-tech features. The 4.3" LED touch screen is in 16:9 widescreen format for full-screen navigation using menus that require no visible keys. Navigating through the various menus is simple and intuitive, using colour codes for immediate association of functions with different colours. MITHO is much more than just a video receiver: when connected to BPT's "X1" two-wire system, MITHO provides a series of innovative functions including image zooming, voice/video mail and text messages (from the porter, for example) as well as integrated handset and hands-free audio functions.

Technical features

Display colour 4,3’’ wide screen lcd, 16:9 format
Touch screen yes
Hands-free audio yes, integrated handset
Ring-tones 9 polyphonic melodies
Functions immage zoom, video entry control voice mail/messagges from the porter
Installation wall-mount, table-top
Audio version yes
Colours Ice white, Fusion black
Accessories pen
Dimensions (wxhxd) 203,5x108,4x30,8 mm