System 300: simple, expandable, programmable

The Bpt System 300, suitable for residential systems with porter switchboards, digital entry panels and doorbell buttons, is characterized by its easy installation, maximum expandability and complete programmability and personalization of the operating parameters. The system’s remarkable flexibility and simplified wiring allow for easy modifications or expansions of the installation, guaranteeing significant time savings.



System 300 can handle up to a 2,000 receivers, 64 main entry panels and 32 secondary entry panels. It can be installed in single buildings or residential complexes.

Self-learning programming

System 300 allows quick and easy system programming without configuring devices or dip switches.

B/w and colour video signal

System 300 ensures the highest audio-video quality and supports either a black/white or colour signal.



System 300 makes it possible to use one or more groups of interconnected receivers, without touching the busbar line. It can handle several groups of 10, 8 or 6 intercoms each.

Full optional
  • Doorbell
  • Door opening
  • Call waiting notification
  • Timed door lock release
  • Conversation confidentiality
  • Self-connection to entry panels and audio/ video scanning
  • Busy system signal

Multi-busbar distribution

System 300 allows distribution of the signal over several lines, up to a maximum of 100 users, with the use of a single power supplier.

Technical features