Expandable two-wire video entry system

From a single home to a condominium.

The X1 system can be expanded to meet any requirement

– number of receivers, distances between the various parts of the system and control of the entry panels. The X1 system can be supplemented by installing auxiliary cameras, remote actuators and many other features. This  is  the  most  complete  system  available  in  terms of flexibility and control of all the parameters for the operation of the system, from the duration of the call tone to the customization of the auxiliary services for each individual receiver.


2 non-polar ized wires

Programming VIA SOFTWARE

100 calls

intercom between up to 10 receivers

full optionals

integration with cctv and access control system



2 non-polar ized wires:

unbeatable performance, long-distance coverage, reduced costs

A single non-polarized two-wire cable can connect up to 100 receivers: rapid installation and low cost.

Self-learning function: foolproof and versatile

The system is designed for simple, rapid programming without irritating DIP-switches or other configuration devices: no possibility of errors, no extra costs.
Intercom function: up to 10 monitors without additional

One or more intercom receiver groups can be set up without modifying the riser.
Integration with CCTV and access control

The video entry system can be transformed into an active home security system.

X1 system: full-optional

  • Audio/video conversation confidentiality
  • Self-connection/scanning of entry panels and video cameras
  • Door lock release with variable activation time
  • Doorbell on landing
  • Incoming call notification
  • Auxiliary functions
  • System busy signal

Performance and technical data

1 power supply (12 DIN) powers the entire system

3 colour entry panels in star configuration

100 receivers

650 metres between entry panel and last receiver

8 CCTV cameras

500 different access badges

500 different access codes


X1 is not simply a high-performance system that is simple to install; it is also extremely easy and quick to set up. Thanks to the self-learning function, programming can be carried out rapidly and is not prone to the errors and malfunctions that are typical of traditional systems with numerous jumpers and other configuration devices.

When programming has been completed, after 30 minutes the system returns to normal operating mode automatically without any further intervention by the installing technician.

For more complex systems, Bpt has developed the PCS/XIP software for PCs. This software features an interface with intuitive graphics that makes programming quick and easy. The software can be used to read the monitor identifiers directly from the bus, to set up the pushbuttons on the entry panels (even if different models are installed) and to associate pushbuttons and receivers automatically.
By simply connecting to the power supply module or the entry panel, it is possible to modify and configure the actioning time for the door lock release, the ring tone, and the system activation time, or to test the lines for correct operation etc.
- all directly from the PC.

Technical features